Amber Technology | | Expect to Pay: $249

Blue Microphones’ somewhat ostentatious designs can be spotted a mile away, but whilst shocking on visual appeal, they deliver on sound quality too. It’s unsurprising that a handheld vocal microphone from Blue is going to be far form the conventional and almost certainly is going to offer more than the norm when it comes to sound. Which leads us to the enCORE 200 active dynamic microphone, the first of its kind and a classic Blue concept that will change the way live stage vocals are captured.

We all know what a dynamic microphone is, and should understand how it is self-powering, therefore not requiring phantom power to be supplied to it. Well, the team at Blue decided to create a dynamic microphone that requires phantom power, just to be different. But it’s not without merit. With the added power supplied to this microphone, it’s able to achieve far higher gain levels than a standard dynamic microphone, so it delivers a richer and fuller sound without the fear of stepping into the realms of feedback as easily as you can when trying to drive a traditional dynamic microphone. The way that this microphone then responds is quite unique, in that it has the gain and top end sparkle of a condenser microphone, but still has the lower mid-range push that you expect from a dynamic microphone. It really is a great sounding tool that is going to make small, loud stages much easier to work on and still get a clear sound without the chance of the microphone screaming off into feedback.


Naturally Blue can’t make a microphone that is conventional in looks either, so they have mixed it up a bit with this once by retaining a classic shape but tweaking the grip a little to give it a non-slip feel in the hand. Not that it would be a problem as it is built pretty ruggedly, so it will take a beating. But more so to perhaps protect the cage which can be black or can be swapped out to the totally outrageous copper coloured cage that is also supplied. This is a real performers’ microphone with all the bling and show in the looks that it has in the delivery of the sound too.

Hits and Misses


Solid build with a comfortable feel and balance

Clear, brilliant sound with plenty of headroom


It might be a bit much for some people’s taste