Novation give the Bass Station II an Aphex Twin inspired firmware update

Happy Avril 14th!

After giving the Bass Station II a well-received firmware update last year, Novation have unveiled another firmware update to the classic monophonic synthesiser - with the help of electronic genius Aphex Twin.

While firmware update 2.5 introduced paraphonic capabilities, microtuning and filter tracking to the Bass Station II, firmware update v4.14 (a reference to the 2001 Aphex Twin track 'Avril 14th,' infamously sampled by Kanye West on 2010's 'Blame Game') provides five new features to the tried and true bass synth. In addition to the aptly titled AFX mode, the update introduces fixed duration envelopes, further sub-oscillator capabilities, oscillator glide diverge and envelope retrigger count. 





As the brain child of Richard D. James himself, AFX mode essentially allows users to program your Bass Station II's patches on a key-by-key basis - a wildly inventive idea that lets you program drum kit sounds, crazy noise effects, percussion and more. Hit the arpeggiator button, and you're bound to get some absolutely mental sounds - very Aphex indeed.


For synth nerds, this is just about as good as it gets, and follows on perfectly from Richard D. James' work with Korg a couple years back. Check out Novation's official deep dive into the firmware update below, and head here to find out how to download the update for your Bass Station II today. 



Novation is distributed in Australia via Innovative Music.