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I have always grumbled about guitarists who spend so much money on not only their guitar, but their amp, valves, speakers, effects, cables and haircuts all in an effort to chase that perfect tone. Funnily enough, so many of these players forget about this all important tone once it leaves their amp’s speakers and don’t concern themselves with how it gets to the audience. Why even bother if you are going to let it get ruined with the character of a beaten up old microphone that some engineer puts in front of your cabinet. Every guitarist should care about the microphone used on their guitar sound and so, it would make sense that every guitarist should get the right microphone to retain their tone.


As it is often hard to pin the right guitar tone with just one microphone, MXL have created the DX-2, a dual diaphragm cardioid dynamic microphone for just this purpose. Both capsules are mounted in a side address fashion so you can simply hang the microphone over you amp, removing one microphone stand from an already crowded stage and placing the capsules in the right proximity to the speaker for them to work effectively. The first capsule is a little larger than the second and so offers a wider range of sound with more bottom end and a high frequency bite that is ideal with both clean and overdriven sound. The second capsule is slightly smaller and has a more focused, mid-centric tone that pushes a guitar sound forward in the mix.



Just as most guitars offer the ability to choose between the tones from the different pickups, the DX-2 allows you to choose between the two capsules. But it is not just an On/Off situation, as a completely variable knob allows you to blend between the two capsules to find the perfect balance for your combination of amplifier, pedals and guitar. One side greatly opens up the EQ range and delivers noticeably lower end to the sound, the other focuses the mid-range to a point that undoes a lot of the scooped EQs on a lot of amplifiers. Finding the balance is going to be a personal thing, and this is why MXL made this microphone, so you can get the sound you want from your amp to truly represent what you want out the front. There is no point spending a lot of money to have a great stage sound if the audience doesn’t hear it. The DX-2 will help you get your sound heard, the way you want it heard.

Hits and Misses


Variable tone control

Dual capsule for different guitar and amp combinations

Side address for easy placement on crowded stages


It’s yet another tone adjustment for guitarists to endlessly ponder