Mapex MPX Maple 10x5.5 Snare

Electric Factory | (03) 9474 1000 | | RRP: $199

Sick of your snare sound? Wanna try some new grooves? Need to incorporate another snare into your setup but have limited room? All of the above may be reason enough to try a smaller sized snare in an auxiliary type setup. And Mapex may have just the (rather inexpensive) ticket. From their range of MPX drums, the MPX maple 10 x 5.5 is quite the pocket rocket that could serve as a funky main snare sound or hang out as your secondary option.


This particular MPX example came in a natural lacquer finish with chrome hardware. All very neat and clean, the maple 10 x 5.5 shell is 6.5mm thick with triple ange hoops, fully adjustable snare throw off and a mount giving you the ability to attach to an arm/L rod or sit in a typical snare stand if you prefer - either way you’ve got some options. The finish and build quality seem a definite step up from your typical entry-level snare drum, but at its price this little 10” is still quite an affordable little number.


The beauty of a snare like this is really as an effect and something to contrast your main snare. As a 10” it gets some high-pitched crack sounds. It can be ringy, and there’s a top-end that can take your head off if needed or you can loosen the head and strainers for some more soulful old school sounds. Quite crisp, it has plenty of volume whilst retaining that smaller snare sound. Playing-wise there’s something very cool about having a snare like the MPX Maple off to the left of your hats. It becomes another option that can create a great dynamic range for open handed playing, setting up an intro, or a different sound for the bridge for example. And with the ability to mount it on an arm/holder as well as traditionally on a snare stand you can basically slot it anywhere into your setup.



Mapex really seem to have lifted their game over the last 5-10 years. They offer a solid range of kits and snares with plenty of options, and with so many big names using their drums; they must be doing something right. Whatever your situation, the MPX 10x5.5 is a good sounding option that won’t cost mega bucks for those wanting to try out the second snare setup or maybe just need another snare sound to add to their arsenal. 

Hits and Misses



Good range of tones

Small size can be a nice contrast to bigger snares


Might take some tuning to find the sweet spot