And It Sounds Pretty Good

The internet is awash with people building bits of gear out of peculiar and unfamiliar materials. At times sub-Reddits and gear forums are so choc full of unbridled ingenuity that they can take us here at Mixdown away from our work for hours on end.

The latest piece to peak our interests is this lego guitar, built by Italian luthier Nicola Pavan. It is, to our knowledge, the first ever working guitar built out of lego. Video emerged recently of the guitar being played for the first time, and since then Pavan's plastic creation has caused plenty of discussion from all corners of the guitar-loving community.

The guitar's neck, as you'd expect, is the one part of the guitar not build from Lego. However, with the exception of a bit of glue and a couple of screws to secure the components, the entire thing is built out of interlocking plastic bricks, a true demonstration of the structural integrity of the famous toy.

It's reported that the guitar falls out of tune reasonably easily, but other than that it seems to play pretty well, and all things considered, it generates a decent sound!



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