Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar System

Yamaha Music Australia | (03) 9693 5111| | RRP: $399.99

Line 6 really changed the game with their Relay series of wireless systems. Working through a host of features, they now offer a solid range of units across their line. The latest G10 system goes cable and battery free, making it the simplest to use of the lot. Featuring a transmitter and receiver, the G10 only needs to be plugged in at the mains and a lead connected from the receiver to wherever you want to send it to and you’re essentially away. Minimal setup, small footprint and easy to store/pack; sounds like a winner.


The G10’s receiver is a dock styled unit with a minimalist modern look. Its back panel has a 1⁄4” unbalanced and 
XLR balanced output, giving you options for running to pedalboards, amps, PA systems, mixers, audio interfaces and plenty more. Power is via a compact Micro USB slot, which works two fold; it also works as just a normal USB connection for plugging into a computer if needed for firmware updates and the like.



Gone is the need for a big pack that clips onto your belt or strap with the G10. At around 8cms
 in length and just over 2cms at its widest point (on the non-jack end), it’s pretty tiny. It charges when docked into the receiver, which is super nifty, and has a clear LED indicator to show its charge status. The jack end also has a clever notch that engages operation only when the lead is completely plugged in. This eliminates the need for an on/off switch, saving
on accidentally leaving it in operating mode. Furthermore, Line 6 has a developed a ‘sleep’ mode, which activates itself after 4 minutes without audio input to extended battery life. Don’t worry – the transmitter then automatically wakes up when signal hits it again saving you from having to constantly flick the unit on or off.



It really is a simple unit to run – just plug and play. Line 6 suggests you’ll get up to 8 hours playing time, 200 hours 
of sleep time and a 50 foot range when indoors, which is
 all pretty impressive to boot. Wireless units sound better than ever these days, and with the features of the G10 plus the ease of use (not to mention price), it’s no longer solely the realm of touring pros or big rig guys. 


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