The Classic Ampeg Bass Sound

IK Multimedia have collaborated with Ampeg to bring a stack of bass sounds to the popular Amplitube software. The news comes with the addition of the SVT-VR and V-4B amplifiers as well as the SVT-810AV and SVT-212AV cabinets.

Also IK have brought you some other sounds from the Ampeg Heritage series with the B-15n amplifier and matching B-15n 115 cabinet additionally being included in this update. This is a big deal because SVX2 for Amplitube gives bassists and music producers the ability to extend their sound with this wide array of amplifiers included in the package. Through industry leading modeling technologies, IK has been able to provide the genuine tone of the above mentioned amplifiers as well as recreating every single physical component in the design of the amplifier.


Working alongside the Ampeg engineering team, IK have been able to bring the sound that defined electric bass in the digital workspace. Throughout the different boxes on offer throughout SVX2, users will be able to tap into sounds from the '60s and '70s that brought Ampeg amps notoriety. The SVX2 works with IK’s iRig line of mobile digital interfaces. One of the other really cool aspects to SVX2 is that because it works through the Amplitube software, it offers a full rig signal path allowing it to be used alongside effects loops, speaker cabinets, tuners, pedal boards and much more. 


IK Multimedia are distributed in Australia through Sound & Music.