Electric Factory | | RRP: $699

It is safe to say that bass players often get overlooked in the world of effects pedals and this probably has a lot to do with the fact that they don’t try to hide behind a wall of effects to improve their sound. But, at the same time, there is always going to be some good use for a pedal that brings a little extra life into a live performance or studio session, and that is what Gallien-Krueger have aimed to deliver with the Plex preamp pedal. It is the ideal offering for the player who wants some additional tonal character and control without totally changing their sound. When you want that extra push to bring your instrument forward in the mix, or some added subtlety to keep it casual, the Plex will help to find you place in the sound and make your instrument sound its best.


The Plex is a bit of a Swiss Army Knife for bass pedals in that it offers so much in the way of connectivity and applications. You get Auxiliary inputs, USB recording outputs, DI outputs, headphone outputs, an effects loop and more. It can become a rehearsal tool, and recording device, or simply stand tall as the workhorse it is between you bass and amplifier to give you great control over your tone. It even has the capabilities to be used as a re-amping device via the USB with the signal being passed back from your DAW into the Plex and then on to your amp. There isn’t a lot this unit can’t do. But best of all, it acts as a solid pedal for use in your signal chain to allow you to take complete control over your bass tone.



The four-band EQ on the Plex gives you plenty of scope to take control of your sound, especially with Gallien-Krueger’s voicing options that drop a certain characteristic to your signal right away. There’s a great range in each of the EQ controls, to the point where you will probably never want to wind them all the way up or down. On top of this, there is a subtle overdrive circuit included with both the ‘Gain’ and ‘Volume’ controls to give your sound some grit. Add to this the compressor for taming your dynamics and bringing your signal forward in the mix, and it all comes together quite nicely. The built-in chromatic tuner just finishes the package off nicely, meaning that you really don’t need much else except an amplifier. You could even get away with skipping the amp and going direct in if you have decent fold back monitoring.


Hits and Misses


Plenty of options

Includes EQ, Overdrive and Compression

Classic Gallien-Krueger sound


It’s got everything, but is all that too much?