Ernie Ball Acoustic Strings Giveaway Winner

And The Winner Is...

Last month we were thrilled to announce that we were giving away an awesome Ernie Ball acoustic strings pack. No self- respecting guitarist should go on playing with tired old strings, but sadly, with the seemingly endless flow of awesome guitar gear that comes through, strings seem to sometimes take a back seat. Well, today we’re pleased to say that this will not be the case for...

Karl Hüttenmeister of Melbourne, Victoria.


Congratulations Karl, you’ll be taking home this awesome assortment of Ernie Ball acoustic strings courtesy of our great mates over at CMC Music. As Peter Hodgson said when he reviewed them last issue, “Ernie Ball is king when it comes to the string game, and they offer a comprehensive range of different acoustic strings for different situations”. We hope they serve you well Karl. Huge thanks to everyone who entered. We’ll have plenty of awesome giveaways for you in the coming months, so keep on trying! 


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