Electro-Harmonix unveil Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator pedal

It Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Electro-Harmonix have shared a demonstration of their soon-to-be-released Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator, a recreation of their sought-after effects unit from the '80s.

Featuring four knobs to control the attack, decay, blend and volume of the tape reverse simulation effect, the EHX Attack Decay also boasts a built-in compressor and fuzz effect, allowing you to create a plethora of insane textural sounds. There's also an intuitive poly mode, which creates an envelope for every note you play to create an immense wall of sound. 


Whether you want to create crazy volume swells, gnarly tremolo effects, fuzzed out bliss or even psychadelic reversed guitar solos, this pedal will do it all. There's even room to store three presets, as well as CV inputs to sync up with other devices. The EHX Attack Decay also features an input for an expression pedal, allowing for further control over the powerful effects unit. 


Check out how it all sounds in the demo below - this one definitely sounds like a soundscaper's dream. I'd love to hear what Robert Fripp would do with this thing.



Electro-Harmonix is distributed in Australia via Just Guitars