A Desktop Module and a Compact Synth

The Behringer Deepmind Series has expanded with the addition of two new analogue synthesisers: the Deepmind 12 Desktop and the Deepmind 6.

The Deepmind 12 Desktop is a desktop module version of the Deepmind 12 and maintains all original functions, minus the keyboard. Its polychain feature is a highlight, allowing users to increase voice count by chaining multiple Deepminds together.


The Deepmind 6 is a compact version of the original synth. Some original features remain the same, such as aftertouch, the sound engine, and the four effects processors, while the Deepmind 6 also features new polychain capabilities. To allow for its compact size, this synth has six-voice polyphony rather than twelve and a three - rather than four - octave keyboard.


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