Aerosmith's first ever tour van found by American Pickers

Rusting Van Abandoned In Massachusetts Forest

The very first van that rock legends Aerosmith took to the road back in 1970 has been found in the woods on a farm in Chesterfield, around 100 miles west of their home base of Boston.

The 1964 International Harvester Metro van with a small graphic bearing the Aerosmith name painted on the side was tracked down by Mick Wolfe and Frank Fritz, the hosts of The History Channel's American Pickers. Though it isn't clear how the van eventually wound up at the farm, the farm's owner claimed that it was there when he bought the farm off the previous owner, who claimed to have some form of unspecified tie to the band. 



The van's authenticity was confirmed by original rhythm guitarist Ray Tabano, who came along to inspect it with a photo of himself sitting in the same van back in the '70s. Tabano reflected on the way this "rolling hotel" carried the band to and from New Hampshire and Boston for $125 shows in the band's early days, which after expenses would leave the members with roughly $3 a piece. The American Pickers gave the owner $25,000 for the historic piece of American rock history.


Feature image via History Channel.