Adam 'Nolly' Getgood links up with Neural DSP for virtual tone collection

Archetype: Nolly Is Available For Preorder Now

Former Periphery member and acclaimed producer Adam 'Nolly' Getgood has collaborated with Neural DSP to launch the Archetype: Nolly plugin, curating the musician's favourite amps, cabs and effects into one handy little virtual package.

The virtual collection features four distinctive tube amplifiers, modeled on a plethora of tones achieved from Getgood's own collection of custom amp heads. Users can choose from Clean, Crunch, Rhythm and Lead sounds, while a pre-effects section with two overdrive pedals, a compressor, a pre-delay and a nine-band EQ allow for further colour and tone sculpting. There's also a range of post-amp effects available to choose from, including some tasty reverb and tape delay sounds to inject some vintage vibe into those high-gain tones. 



To round out the Archetype: Nolly collection, Neural have also included a cabinet simulating virtual speaker section with a whopping 640 impulse response elements personally selected by Getgood. The collection even features a link/unlink control to mix different elements of various cabs and heads to offer a huge range of tonal possibilities. 




Head to the Neural DSP website to preorder the Archetype: Nolly collection before it arrives this Friday.