Mix­down Mag­a­zine is Australia’s only National Street Press Music Publication.

Dis­trib­ut­ing over 32,000 copies free, to 1750+ points Aus­tralia wide, Mix­down cov­ers all forms of music and music product.

It’s the ulti­mate read for musi­cians, pro­duc­ers and fans alike, with break­ing news on the newest bands, musi­cal equip­ment, albums and music indus­try infor­ma­tion to hit our streets.

Every month, Mix­down cov­ers the biggest names in the busi­ness and through long leads has the oppor­tu­nity to break some of the coolest indies yet unknown to Aus­tralian airwaves.

With edi­to­r­ial per­fect for work­ing musi­cians and stu­dents alike, our monthly How To columns, Prod­uct News and spot­lights on equip­ment, stu­dios and acces­sories are in sync with our ever-­grow­ing read­er­ship that also includes uni­ver­si­ties and high school music departments.

Mix­down like the name sug­gests is bring­ing every­thing musi­cal together to one place, the per­fect mix, so tune in, drop out and read on!

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