18 hours of unreleased music from Radiohead's OK Computer sessions have hit the internet

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Well, someone's going to get in trouble for this: 18 hours of previously unheard material from Radiohead's OK Computer sessions have leaked onto the internet.

The bulk lot of music is comprised of unreleased demos, live sessions, bedroom recordings, outtakes and unfinished versions of tracks dating back to the recording of OK Computer. For Radiohead diehards, it's an absolute treasure trove: there's glossy versions of fan favourite 'Lift,' extended demos of 'Motion Picture Soundtrack,' a bedroom recording of 'Life In A Glasshouse,' Thom Yorke beatboxing, samples of James Bond theme songs and much, much more. 




For those keen, there's been a group of super fans who've taken the liberty of creating an exhaustive summary of all the files that have hit the web, which you can check out here. You'll have to hit the deep web to listen to the sessions however; as excited as we are about all this unheard material from one of our favourite acts, we're definitely not going to plug unreleased music to you.


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