June 18 - 21

With so many amazing local acts at our fingertips, we scrounge the interwebs, our own inbox's and gig-guide to bring you a stack of artists we think you should catch live this long week(end). All well priced, all playing at awesome local live music venues and all worth the experience. Enjoy!



Roots, Rockabilly


Pat Capocci’s no-bollocks rockabilly is delivered with as much freshness as you’re likely to find anywhere in the 21st century. Of course, his shtick is indebted to an earlier era. But a throwback it ain’t – Capocci’s tunes have a mojo all their own. If that isn’t enough incentive for you to get along to the gig this Thursday, there’s also free beer!



Thursday June 18 – Goodgod Danceteria – Sydney, NSW






Pop/ Indie


At first, Jesse Davidson threatens to sing in one of those way too serious, breathy-but-not-sexy male voices. But he tempers it with some gut power and a bit of ‘who really cares’ attitude, which perfectly matches his understated indie pop tunes. Combine it all with bass sounds stolen straight off a Scott Walker record and we find ourselves in a good place.



Thursday June 18 – Mojos – Perth, WA (w/ Art of Sleeping)






Dive Rock


In recent times, we’ve been swamped by scruffy guys playing guitars like they couldn’t care less if the neck snapped off and singing in gruff Aussie bravado, conveying the sort of pride you’d have after smashing three Maccas sundaes. Beef Jerk are basically another one, but there’s a wistful nostalgia to their downbeat garage tunes that fogs up your perception and surpasses the surface samey-ness.



Thursday June 18 – Oxford Art Factory – Sydney, NSW






Experimental Rock


My Disco have just returned to the live stage after a couple of years in the wilderness. The Melbourne trio are responsible for three LPs of classification-defying moody, rhythmic, experimental rock. But this weekend at Dark MOFO they’ll be playing none of that. Instead, they’re focusing on a new album (due later this year), which is set to be darker, slower, and heavier than any of their previous releases.



Friday June 19 – Odeon Theatre – Hobart, TAS






R&B/ Electro


Considering he’s only 24, Oscar Key Sung has been hopping around the live circuit for a staggering number of years. The older he gets, his introspective sensitive-guy electro R&B becomes both more considered and more engrossing. Touring in support of his latest LP Altruism, beware – amid the hip-shaking beats and experimental noise, tears may flow.



Friday June 19 – Flyrite – Perth, WA






Freaky surf rock


One of my all time greatest fears is wet bread. Bread that’s fallen in the sink – eurgh, it gives you the heebie-jeebies, right? The name Wet Meal always reminds me of this fear. Luckily the band’s filthy-grinning garage rock is the bringer of stupendous joy, which ensures that all ears recede. The duo’s uninhibited just-give-it-a-go spirit is pretty dang infectious to boot.



Saturday June 20 – The Tote – Melbourne, VIC






Baroque Pop


I Know Leopard are a bunch of pretty looking things responsible for pretty sounding tunes. But really, the band could be shaped like water tanks and these would still be inarguably pleasant pop songs. It’s reminiscent of afternoon shade in the summertime or a squeeze of lemon on your fresh fruit salad – easy to say yes to, and a fondly recalled memory when it’s gone.



Saturday June 20 – Brightside – Brisbane, QLD (w/ Last Dinosaurs)






Garage Power Pop


OK, I’m a sucker for dirty guitar music. But it’s got to offer something novel, or else convey an undeniable swagger. Melbourne foursome Ohms do well on both counts. This is raw but not quite rough; melodically proficient but not a sugar headache; and reminiscent of everyone from Cheap Trick to Jebediah and Palms without being an utterly derivative romp. 



Sunday June 21 – John Curtin Hotel – Melbourne, VIC






Experimental pop


To quote MKO herself, this music “must be heard. Words are only words.” Good point, but to paint a picture of what you’re in for, the Brisbane solo artist makes experimental pop music with a triumphant soundtrack quality. What does that mean? Her tracks are prone to building from a complicated, ruminative opening into a big-stage, fireworks and synchronised dancing production number.



Sunday June 21 – Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane, QLD






Moody folk


Melbourne songstress Lucie Thorne has just dropped her long awaited LP Everything Sings Tonight. It possesses the sort of minimalist blues quality heard on Bill Callahan’s latest releases. Though, minimal is hardly how you’d describe the impact of Thorne’s compositions. She sings in a tone of quiet melancholy, which suggests that everything uttered has been experienced, digested and processed into a loaded emotive compound.  



Sunday June 21 – Wheatsheaf Hotel – Adelaide, SA