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Right from the word go, these headphones just ooze class in a black and silver motif. A rigid zippered carry case houses the headphones for when they’re not in use and a separate zippered pouch within the case contains not one, but three different cables. Two different lengths of straight cables and one curly cable, taking care of every environment you might wish to use these headphones in and not requiring you to purchase extra accessories. This is a really nice touch and brings the whole package together as a quality set-up. In use, these headphones are fairly lightweight and sit comfortably on the head, with more than enough adjustment to suit even my extraordinarily large cranium. Perfect for anyone with a big head, but not limited to any user in particular, they sit well in all situations. The closed design can tend to get a little warm when worn for extended periods, but this does serve as a reminder to give your ears a rest from time to time.



The first thing I heard when I pressed play on a track with these headphones was noise. This really stood out as something to mention, as I hadn’t heard that noise before in the track I was playing back, not until I listened to it with the ATH-M70X headphones. This is an indication of what you get in terms of clarity in playback with these headphones. If it is there, you will hear it and there is really no room for your mistakes to hide. These headphones, as a studio tool, will allow you to pick out not only the good qualities in your music, but all the faults too. As a studio monitoring tool, these are an excellent addition to any setup and allow you to hear your music from a different perspective.