Antares introduces the Auto-Tune EFX+ plug-in

Antares introduces the Auto-Tune EFX+ plug-in

Designed with ‘contemporary music creation’ in mind, Auto-Tune EFX+ strays beyond Antares’ typical parameters to offer users with heavy processing and saturation to create ‘extreme vocal mutations and transformations.’ Although it shares the same core of Antares’ EFX3, EFX+ differs from the bunch by adding a multi-FX rack into the mix, making it more comparable to a vocal synth than a standard pitch corrector. 


As well as your stock standard, trap-inspired pitch correction effects, Auto-Tune EFX+ offers six distinct effects to create insanely vocal treatments. ‘Pitch and Throat’ acts as a real-time pitch and formant shifter, while ‘Duet’ creates a doubled vocal effect with adjustable pitch and timing variations for immersive Bon Iver-esque harmonies. 




There’s also a filter effect preset, a vintage vocoder emulator, a weird ring modualtion preset called ‘Mutate’ and a tube amp simulator, providing vocalists with a viable preset to get their Travis Scott impersonations out into their tracks. These effects can also be controlled with an X/Y pad for hands-on manipulation. In addition, EFX+ boasts an improved version of Auto-Motion from Antares Auto-Tune EFX 3, acting as a pattern generator to create crazy melodic pitch-shifted patterns.




If that’s not enough, Antares have stated that Auto-Tune EFX+ has  low enough latency to allow for real-time processing, which is perfect for users intending to track vocals or perform live with Auto-Tune. Unlike other Antares products, you won’t need an iLok key to use this software either – simply download, install and BANG! You’ve got a top forty hit.


Head to Antares for pricing and further details.