ZVEX celebrate 50 years of Abbey Road with a limited edition Fuzz Factory 7 pedal

Oh, Darling!

In case you missed it, last Thursday marked 50 years since The Beatles released their penultimate record, the fantastic Abbey Road LP. Pedal Guru Zachary Vex has decided to celebrate this anniversary with a super limited run of Fuzz Factory 7 pedals, decked out in a custom paint job and featuring not one, but two NOS 1960s germanium transistors.

ZVEX's limited run of Abbey Road Fuzz Factory 7 pedals feature sparkling powder-blue enclosures with a cute Abbey Road inspired graphic, while a transparent section allows you to gape at the two OG NOS germanium transistors which fuels the pedals gnarly fuzz tones. 



Like other Fuzz Factory 7's, the ZVEX Abbey Road pedals boast controls for tone, gate, volume, comp, stab and drive, as well as a nine-position rotary switch with tone presets you can use. There's every chance these ones will go down in boutique pedal history, and if you're a Beatles fan,  you'll probably want to cash in on them ASAP. 


Find out more about the limited pedals over at the ZVEX website.