Zakk Wylde Releases His Own Brand Of Emojis

No, This Really Happened

A few weeks ago we had a look at Zakk Wylde’s new line of guitars and amps, a logical and inventive idea for a middle-aged guitar player whose entering the later years with his bands.

So what does the Black Label Society guitarist do next? No, don’t worry he didn’t release another self-indulgent solo album, he went total left of field and released his own brand of emojis.

In a defiant effort to stay hip and relevant, these emojis cater for none of your emotional needs unless you are Zakk Wylde. Regardless, it’s pretty funny and good on him for doing something weird and unexpected....


So next time you need to express your feelings towards someone, do it using Zakk Wylde's face. Whether your creepily sending your lover a Zakk Wylde kiss-wink face, or wanting to make Zakk Wylde have an angry stare down with himself, there is something for everyone. 


You can download the Zakk Wylde Emoji set here