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This month’s big unveiling at Mixdown HQ was a pair of Yamaha PSR prototypes that will be available for release shortly. While you’re all eagerly waiting them to land, I got to have a run through of these new models and see just what’s going on with this latest installment of the arranger keyboard series from Yamaha. I got to test run both the Yamaha PSR770 and the PSR970 this month ahead of their release and had a little bit of fun in the process.


With a massive 830 voices on board, the PSR770 is going to keep most musicians happy. These sounds include Yamaha’s top of the line Super Articulation voices that really bring new life to a sound you thought you knew. Breathe noises in wind instruments, string squeal and fret buzz in guitars and the almost subconscious pedal release sounds within a piano are just some of the brilliant features that these voices offer over standard PCM files. With multiple layers for varying velocities, a new dimension is brought to your performance with dynamic feeling, that until recently, hasn’t been possible with this sort of engine in an arranger keyboard.  



For those of you who just want it all, the flagship PSR970 is the only choice really. This trumps the 770 with a stunning 989 voices in total, with 41 drum and FX kits and 480 XG voices. That should keep anyone busy and content. Like the PSR770, the PSR970 features a microphone/guitar input so you can perform or rehearse with vocals or guitar sent through the mix along with your keyboard sounds. Both units also feature USB audio playback that allows you to slow the track down without affecting pitch and remove vocals to create backing tracks. Housed in a very similar chassis to the PSR770, the PSR970 still has a range of added extras including a slightly improved speaker system that really puts this ahead of its little brother when it comes to audio playback. Both units would be a great addition to any musical setup and prize possessions for all who purchase them. There is simply too much going on with them to even touch the surface in such a brief summary. I think the best  thing you can do is try one out yourself at your local Yamaha dealer. After all, why should it be just me who gets to have all the fun? 

For more information, visit www.au.yamaha.com.

Hits and Misses


Enormous array of sound in both models

Super Articulation Voices bring new life to old sounds

Input for guitar or microphone


Perhaps a little soon after the previous models



• 61 keys, 128-note polyphony

• 989 voices + 41 drum/SFX kits + 480 XG voices

• 7 inch TFT Colour Wide VGA LCD

• 2 x assignable live controls



• 61 keys, 128-note polyphony

• 830 voices + 36 drum/SFX kits + 480 XG voices

• 360 accompaniment styles (322 Pro, 27 Session, 10 DJ & 1 Free Play)

• 7 inch TFT Colour Wide VGA LCD

• 2 x assignable Live Control knobs