Yamaha Guitar Group announces acquisition of iconic bass brand Ampeg

Big News For Bass Players

Yamaha Guitar Group, a US subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation, has just announced its acquisition of Ampeg, adding a host of new bass products to its esteemed range.

Renowned for being a leader in quality bass amplification throughout its 49 year history, Ampeg’s extensive range of bass products will further enhance the Yamaha Guitar Group collection already boasting Yamaha basses, such as the BB and TRBX, and Line 6 Relay wireless and Helix amp and effects modelers.


 “We couldn’t be more excited,” said Marcus Ryle, Co-President of Yamaha Guitar Group. “Ampeg is arguably the most recognised bass amp brand in the world. They can even be credited with having invented the first bass amp. We are honoured to take the baton in continuance of that legacy.”


The acquisition is big news for bass players, as Yamaha Guitar Group is now bolstered by incorporating three huge guitar amp brands: Yamaha, Line 6, and Ampeg.


“Looking at the range of what we’ll be able to give musicians across all three of our brands, we hope to provide bass players with complete solutions that include the most inspiring collection of gear to be found anywhere,” Ryle added. “And we are, of course, just getting started.”


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