Yamaha announces exclusive Australian distribution of EarthQuaker Devices

Effective on the First Day of 2019

Yamaha Music Australia has officially teamed up with Ohio pedal experts EarthQuaker Devices for an exclusive national distribution deal.

The change will be effective as of Tuesday January 1, 2019, making it a happy new year for guitarists around the country. EarthQuaker Devices is constantly expanding its esteemed collection of effects pedals, releasing standout units like the Black Ash Endangered Fuzz, Aqueduct Vibrato, Pyramids Stereo Flanger, and Westwood Overdrive in 2018.


"EarthQuaker Devices is honoured to work beside Yamaha Music Australia, and to play a part in Yamaha’s 130-year history" said Julie Robbins, CEO of EarthQuaker Devices. "We are excited to deliver innovative and creative effects pedals which live up to Yamaha’s philosophy of ‘Kandō’ and it is our hope to supply musicians with effects pedals of supreme audio quality, build quality, physical appearance, and performance."



Yamaha Music Australia also distributes Yamaha, Vox, Steinberg, Paiste and more recently, Line 6 and Ampeg. Yamaha announced its distribution deal with Ampeg earlier this year.


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