The world’s oldest electric bass guitar just sold for $23,000

First Manufactured More Than 80 Years Ago

The first electric bass guitar ever made has just sold on eBay for a whopping $23,850 (US).

The Audiovox 736 is a relatively unknown instrument, often forgotten amidst assumptions that Leo Fender’s Precision Bass was the first electric bass guitar. While Fender’s bass was certainly the first electric bass to be mass-produced, the Audiovox 736 was designed by Paul H. Tutmarc way back in 1936, more than a decade before the Precision Bass arrived.


The instrument was sold by Tutmarc’s grandson on eBay after having been owned for more than 60 years by one owner. Only three of the original basses are thought to remain, so it’s no wonder this one has sold for such an exorbitant price.


Check out the eBay listing to read further details about the AudioVox 736.