Whitesnake’s Bernie Marsden is releasing a book about his guitar collection

Tales of Tone and Volume

Former Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden is sharing insight into his extensive guitar collection in a new book set for release later this year.

Tales of Tone and Volume sees Marsden tell the stories behind some of the most notable instruments in his unique six-string collection, including his cherished Martin Coletti and famous guitar dubbed ‘The Beast’.


The book details each guitar through photographs taken by Melvyn May using a special “light painting” technique to ensure the instruments are captured in their best light. Each guitar is accompanied by the story of how it was acquired through to where and when it was played, including anecdotes about their use during Marsden’s lauded career.



"I love guitars and I’ve seen and collected many books on the subject,” said Marsden. “The time and effort spent creating these images and the finished book makes this an extraordinary project by any standard. I’m really proud of what has been created here.


“I’m bound to say it, but, if you are a guitar collector, a player, or simply an official guitar nerd you are going to love this book.”


A highlight of the book package is the inclusion of a CD of original guitar backing tracks, featuring lead guitar from a vintage guitar seen in Tales of Tone and Volume. The book is offered in three editions, two of which will include a piece of an original ‘50s Lifton guitar case from Marsden’s own collection.


You can sign up for exclusive pre-order information about Tales of Tone and Volume via Rufus Publications.