Watch: PRS goes behind the scenes of Private Stock colour staining

Hear From the Experts

PRS has invited audiences to catch a glimpse into the process of colour staining in a new video focused on the Private Stock series.

The clip shows Paul Reed Smith chatting with Paul Miles (Director of Private Stock), who shares his expertise on the subject of guitar staining. In particular, Miles details the process involved in creating some of PRS’ most recent stain colours, including the popular Glow finish as seen on models such as the Hollowbody II 594 Limited Edition.


“I think that a lot of our colours, particularly on the Private Stocks, end up being happy accidents,” said Miles. “I mean, there’s a formula that we’re following when it comes to primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours.


“But you’re also putting colour on wood, and it doesn’t act that same as it would on a piece of paper or a painting.”



PRS is distributed in Australia through Electric Factory.