WATCH: Led Zeppelin release first episode of "History of Led Zeppelin" web series

Reveling In 50 Years Of Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin have released the first instalment of “History of Led Zeppelin,” a series of short stories commemorating the band’s early years and impact on music.

Episode 1 covers the recording of their debut album at London's Olympic Studios in 1968, where the band self-financed and completed the record in an astonishing 30 hours, for just 1782 pounds.


Released in accordance with the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Led Zeppelin album, the series coincides with the release of other memorabilia, such as a digital-only music collection and a 400-page photo book, that comemorate the band's exceptional career. Watch the short video below:


The book is set to be released in October, and it will feature photos of the band in exclusive candid moments on and off-stage as well as in the studio. Meanwhile, the digital album is available now on all streaming and download sites. 


Also in accordance with the band's first album's 50th anniversary, Fender have announced the release of Jimmy Page's signature Telecasters,while the Metropolitan Museum of Art are showcasing Page's original acoustic guitar that he used to record 'Stairway To Heaven.'


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