Watch: Julia Jacklin and Lana Del Ray perform duet of 'Don't Know How To Keep Loving You'

The Jacklin Takeover Continues!

Julia Jacklin might just be one of Australia's hardest working, talented songwriters of 2019. Now, it finally looks like the rest of the world - including Lana Del Ray - are starting to catch on, with the indie-pop pioneer inviting Jacklin onstage recently to perform a duet of 'Don't Know How To Keep Loving You'.

Speaking to Triple J, Jacklin professed to being shocked that Lana reached out, let alone to perform one of her own tracks, calling the collaboration very "last minute" and "spontaneous" - “The internet is a wonderful place sometimes. [Lana] just reached out to me and said 'I love your music, do you want to come to Denver and sing a song?' which turned out to be my song. I didn’t have to learn anything. I even sung another song by myself and she just sat on stage and watched me. The crowd were so into it and so respectful, power to her and the fans she’s cultivated.”


Check out footage of the duet, which was originally released on Jacklin's fantastic LP Crushing from earlier this year, below. 



Recently, Jacklin also directed Stella Donnelly's 'Season's Greetings' music video, poking fun at the concept of an Australian Christmas lunch - watch that here


Catch Julia Jacklin at Fairgrounds Festival next month.