Watch: Josh Homme pisses on Hitler in new Desert Sessions music video

Take Me Home, I'm Scared...

Queens Of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures frontman Josh Homme has released a new music video from last year's Desert Sessions project and it's... something.

Directed by Chapman Baehler, the new video for the Desert Sessions track 'Easier Said Than Done' depicts Homme at his most surreal and bombastic best. He scoots between scenes on a pair of roller skates (probably a reference to the lyric "on roller skates carving smooth shapes past the gates/ Just boogying like a fucking boss"), and there's also a bunch of other weird visuals, like a pig-man busting a glittery nut and even Homme taking a slash on Adolf Hitler while wearing a straightjacket. Yeah, for real.


It's feverish and fucked up, but what else would you expect from the man? Check out the new clip below if you're brave enough - probably just make sure you're not in the office for this one. I copped a real weird look from the interns sitting behind me and I don't want the same for you. 



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