WATCH: Jerry Cantrell goes to riff-town in new episode of Ernie Ball String Theory

The Alice In Chains Shredder Offers An Insight To His Career

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has made an appearance in the latest episode of Ernie Ball's String Theory Series (a long running Friday highlight for Mixdown Magazine), discussing his teenage influences, his first guitar and his never-ending quest for tone.

Throughout the video, Cantrell chugs away on his Ernie Ball Axis and G&L Rampge, reminiscing about his earliest guitar memories, how he developed his signature style and his relationship with Ernie Ball strings and guitars.


The episode also sees Cantrell drop a very, very relatable adage about the impact your first electric guitar can impose upon you -"Once I had an electric guitar in my hands I was totally in...  I stopped going outside, I stopped playing with my friends, I just spent all my time in my room listening to music and trying to figure out how to play guitar."


Or maybe we're just antisocial dorks. Anyway, the episode's definitely worth sussing out - dive on in!




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