WATCH: Guitarist covers all 28 orchestral parts of Star Wars ‘Imperial March’

See The Video Below

Celebrating the release of the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, a guitarist has taken on the mammoth task of covering every scored part of the iconic ‘Imperial March’.

Cooper Carter shared the video to his YouTube channel as a “massive tribute to John Williams, Darth Vader, and the greatest saga of all time.” The cover features 70 guitar tracks, 28 orchestral parts, and 11 guitars, including eight from the extensive Ernie Ball Music Man range.


Carter also wore 13 different Star Wars shirts for the recording, which is just as impressive as the cover itself, if you ask us. Check it out in the video below:



Featured Music Man guitars include the Cutlass, JP15, JP6, Armada, St. Vincent, StingRay Bass, John Petrucci BFR, and the Luke 3. Ernie Ball is distributed in Australia through CMC Music.