Watch: Ernie Ball goes behind-the-scenes in Slash’s private studio

Reminisce with the GNR Legend

Ernie Ball has premiered a new mini-documentary called ‘Unspoken Expression’, featuring an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Slash’s very own private studio.

Unspoken Expression sees Slash share his thoughts on the instrument that started it all – the guitar. He reflects on first falling in love with guitar as a kid in late ‘60s England, speaks of his artistic influences, and explains how a hiatus from working with the Conspirators arose to allow for a Guns N' Roses reunion that “wasn’t foreseen.”


Slash spoke openly about his love for the guitar, describing it as “basically a vehicle to be able to express feelings of anxiety, feelings of anger, feelings of passion, feelings of love, feelings of excitement, feelings of violence, feelings of sex...all of these kinds of emotions are, for me, very well expressed through the guitar".



The legendary guitarist went on to praise the artists who continue to ensure the guitar remains an influential instrument in all aspects of society.


“I don’t think a guitar standing in a stand in a room really says anything about anything,” said Slash, “But it depends on who picks it up and what that person has to say.”


Ernie Ball is distributed in Australia through CMC Music