Watch: Deadpool passionately defends Nickelback against Fred Savage


In what might be one of the better headlines this year, a new trailer for the PG-13 (M rating in Australia) re-release of Deadpool 2, Once Upon a Deadpool, features the titular character vehemently defending the musical merits of Nickelback to former child-star Fred Savage.

The argument between the two stems from Savage's kidnapping, supposedly reprising his role as the "Grandson" from The Princess Bride. Savage derides Deadpool for not being a real Marvel movie.


"You’re Marvel licensed by Fox. It’s kinda like if the Beatles were produced by Nickelback. It’s music, but it sucks … They’re overproduced, formulaic ear garbage," Savage says.



Unexpectedly, Deadpool decides to counter with "facts" to defend the multi-platinum Canadian rock band. 


"I've had it with all this Nickelback hating....50 million albums worldwide, 11th best-selling musical act of all time, Billboard's most successful rock group of the last decade, six Grammy nominations, 12 Juno Awards – those count – six Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, one People's Choice Award – Canadian – and a partridge in a fucking pear tree!" 


Savage apologises sheepishly, before offering Deadpool his outstretched hand and nervously singing Nickelback's 2001 mega-hit 'How You Remind Me'. Deadpool graciously accepts and the unlikely duo join in a rousing head-banging duet. 


Once Upon a Deadpool arrives in Australian cinemas tomorrow, Thursday December 13. Nickelback will play three Australian shows in February 2019 in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with tickets available via Live Nation.