Watch: Baroness's Gina Gleason and Mateus Asasto put Fender's American Ultra Jazzmaster to the test

This Ain't Your Mama's Jazzmaster

After showing off the capabilities of the American Ultra Stratocaster range with an all-star jam with Ari O’Neal, Ayla Tesler-Mabe & Mark Lettieri last month, Fender have shared another video from NAMM that can probably the Jazzmaster duel of the decade - featuring none other than Mateus Asato and Gina Gleason.

The insane six minute jam sees Baroness guitarist Gleason, who you should all know for her phenomenal playing on last year's Gold & Grey, take a pretty shreddy solo atop of some super chop-heavy playing from Asato: a noted killer in his own right. The duo are backed by Quintin Ferb Gulledge on keys, Yuki Lin Hayashi on bass and a double drum attack of Sean Wright and Luke Holland - who we recently featured in our March issue - to make up for one insane show of musicianship. Those Jazzmasters sound pretty slick too...


Check out the video below. 



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