Watch: 2 Chainz plays a $22,000 Deering Texas 150th Anniversary Banjo


Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has been featured recently in a hilarious video showcasing an incredibly expensive banjo made by Deering to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Texas' independence from Mexico.

The video, which originally aired in 2 Chainz' Viceland program Most Expensivestsees the trap artist take a trip to Texas to meet Anton Ulrich and Jamie Latty of Deering, one of America's oldest and most revered manufacturers of bluegrass instruments. The clip sees 2 Chainz play the Deering Texas 5-String Banjo, an extremely lavish 24-Karat gold plated instrument celebrating 150 years since Texas gained independence from Mexico. Given that it's limited to 151 units and at priced around $32,000 in Australian dollarydoos, this one's a bit of a speccy 'lil twanger, and probably not a viable purchase for many players - although it is a pretty impressive piece of craftsmanship. 


It's an incredibly funny five minutes, particularly due to the bizarre editing style and the wild contrast between 2 Chainz' personality compared to his Texan counterparts. Check it out below. 



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