Violent Soho share new making-of 'Everything Is A-OK' documentary

Hit The Studio With Soho

Fresh after blasting their new album to an empty Suncorp stadium, Mansfield grunge lords Violent Soho have debuted a documentary that dives into the recording process of their latest full-length Everything Is A-OK.

The documentary, which you can check out on the band's YouTube right now, offers a rare insight into the band's process, and also discusses the burnout the group felt after recording and touring Hungry Ghost and WACO in quick succession. 


Hungry Ghost was still tethering off just before we went to the studio for WACO, there was no gap between the cycle,” explains frontman Luke Boerdam. “This time there was no fuel left in the tank and we quite consciously said, ‘at the end of WACO, we’re really stopping.'”


There's also plenty of shots of the group cutting tracks at The Grove, as well as an abundance of ass shots from Luke Henery. Suss it out below. 



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