Vanflet envision "the future of amps" with the Station1

A Big Claim From The New French Name

French amplifier innovators Vanflet have introduced the new Station1, a compact 40 watt amp with a valve preamp inside a multi-effects sized enclosure.

Utilising an ECC81 valve in its preamp stage, the Station1 boasts a two-band EQ, footswitchable reverb and volume and master controls to allow guitarists to hone in a range of clean and crunchy tones. Despite having similar dimensions to an effects unit itself, the Vanflet Station1 promises to be the perfect pedal platform, and certainly sells itself to musicians who savour taking the bare minimum to gigs and rehearsals. 




The Vanflet Station1 also features a balanced line XLR output, a Cabinet Simulation function, cab out, an effects loop with send/return and a headphone output. Listen to how it sounds below. 




Find out more about the Vanflet Station1 here