An Unreleased Beatles Demo From 1963 Is Up For Auction

Listen To The Lennon/McCartney Version Of 'What Goes On' Below

Miraculously there still remains some Beatles recordings that have yet to see the light of day. A 1963 demo version of the band's 'What Does On' is currently available for sale on eBay via Parlogram.

The home demo is on an acetate (a lacquer coated metal disc) 7" vinyl record and features John Lennon on lead vocal and guitar and Paul McCartney on backing harmony, with some notes of piano being heard towards the end. The song was written by Lennon in the pre-Beatle says for his group The Quarrymen, and although this recording from 1963 shows that he still considered the composition a contender, it would not find a home until it was included on 1965's Rubber Soul, where it was sung by Ringo Starr with different lyrics than heard in this version.


The eBay listing states that the original tape of this recording is unknown and presumed lost, making this disc very valuable indeed. This disc was given by George Harrison to his family, who sold it amongst other items in 2012.



The listing ends on Sunday October 1, so there's still time to make it yours.