Artist Growth

The Artist Growth platform offers up the ultimate organisation and tracking system. From finances and scheduling to tour merch and royalties, it’s your one-stop shop for artists and artist managers.

Founded by musicians-turned-entrepreneurs Matt Urmy and Jonathan Sexton, Artist Growth is available online and as an app on both iPhone and Android handsets. Gaining the title of Best Music App by MTV’s O Music Awards and Gizmodo’s App of the Day in 2012, Artist Growth is a fast-growing and acclaimed platform around the world.



Simplifying the music business like never before, the subscription package offers a range of services. Users are able to track their finances, schedule major events, manage travel plans, book promotions and performances, manage the sale of tour merch and collaborate with other team members – wherever and whenever they like.


With a database of over 30,000 industry contacts, Artist Growth is a major networking opportunity. Additionally, the sites blog offers up a range of tutorials, tips and tricks for topics including touring, products and promotion.


To start a 14-day free trial or for more information, head to Artist Growth now.