Tracklib launches to help make sampling simple and legal

A Producer's Dream

Finding a way to sample original recordings without landing yourself in a legal nightmare is a headache most producers face, but the solution might’ve just arrived with the introduction of Tracklib, the new online record store for sampling.

Launching today, Tracklib is a new music service allowing users to discover, sample and license thousands of original recordings in a simple (and entirely legal) way. The site’s extensive catalogue includes classic sample tracks and emerging trends, featuring everything from Mozart and Handel to The Honey Drippers’ frequently sampled song ‘Impeach The President’.


Simply create a free Tracklib account to start browsing through their catalogue, where you can then choose a song to download to use in your own mix. If you’re thinking of releasing your new track with the sampled song included, you can buy a license from Tracklib at a fair price in just a few minutes.



Find the perfect sample by signing up to Tracklib.