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Like many builders, Timberidge offer a range of instruments with various specs at several price points, making it possible to really hone in on the details you want and work with your budget. Affordable dreadnaught semi acoustic on your list? This Could de nitely be worth a look.


A member of the ‘2’ series, the TRC2 features a solid spruce top, mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and some gorgeous flamed mahogany for the back and sides. The back on this particular example was super swish looking like something from a pricey boutique builder.The headstock logo adds some zing to a subtle and understated instrument that looks quite a bit more expensive that it really is.



Bashing out some open chord singalong numbers, you get a clear tone that projects nicely thanks to its mid-range based tone. With good intonation, action forays up the neck are just as easy with no fear of the killer barre chord. Finger picking and more reserved playing lets the notes ring out clearly, and you’ve got the bonus of the B-Band A3T pickup/preamp for more sound reinforcement. Controls for Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence and Volume and a built in tuner lets you tweak as needed, with the tuning function clear and accurate to boot.



High gloss on more entry level guitars can often look a bit cheap and nasty. Not an issue with the TRC 2, with the whole guitar having a slick and refined look that you might expect from guitars twice the price. With a nice tone and overall feel, the TRC 2 could be a good option for the beginner wanting something a few steps up from a complete entry level instrument. Plus it's easy to play making it a good choice for inexperienced hands. Furthermore, it could also be a good option for any level player needing a guitar that plays well, stays in tune and can be plugged in with jameers, rehearsals, gigs and weekend bashers coming to mind. Add the included hard case and you're ready to go!

Hits and Misses


Great finish and look

Easy to play, semi acoustic for gigs/recordings/rehearsals


Lacks the super definition and body of more expensive models


• Top: Solid Spruce
• Back & Sides: Maple Flame
• Neck: Mahogany
• Fretboard Rosewood
• Scale Length: 65 cm
• Pick Ups: B-Band A3T Pre-Amp Pick-Up & Tuner