These Dixon Drums Inventor Series Accessories Are A Must Have

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Ok, it’s midway through the set and you feel a problem with your pedal, or perhaps your snare drum is losing its snap and you need to quickly work out why. If only you had some light or a torch on stage.

How many times have we found ourselves in this situation? Well Dixon have come up with an ingenious solution to this problem by incorporating a light into a drum key – hence The Inventor series multifunctional Brite Key. For all drummers, it is essential to leave a drum key sitting on one of your tension rods while playing for quick access and tune-ups. Now with Dixon’s Brite Key, you can have a handy on stage light as well… what a great idea! Oh and did we mention it’s got a bottle opener as well? Another great time-saving idea is the new Dixon EZ Cymbal Set. A quick release alternative to replace the traditional wing nuts on the top of drummers’ cymbal stands. The EZ Cymbal Set allows lightning-fast changes, set ups or adjustments to cymbals by simply pressing the sides. 


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