Styled After the Revered Roland Juno 106 Synthesiser

TC Electronics have turned a lot of heads this year after unveiling their plans to release a pedal-sized tribute to the famous chorus section of the Roland Juno 106 Synthesiser. Now, it seems the pedal could be on the way much sooner than expected.

Released way back in 1984, the Roland Juno-106 is often regarded as one of the finest synthesisers ever made, with many prizing it for its simple interface and amazing sounds. The Juno-106's Chorus section, featuring two lush analogue effects presets, was also regarded as a game changer for many synth purists, and continues to be one of the main reasons for the Juno's enduring popularity today.

After months of rumours and industry speculation, the prototype for the TC Electronics JUNE-60 was unveiled at GuitarCon 2017 last month, where it was demoed by YouTube channel Pedal Fusion. 


However, the much-hyped pedal has reentered public interest following its various appearances on social media this week, with Effects Database and several other outlets sharing images of the protoype. While a release date for the JUNE-60 hasn't been confirmed just yet, it seems like we might be getting our hands on the pedal much sooner than expected.


TC Electronics is distributed in Australia via Amber Technology.