The Pop Star Aims To Beat Scalpers By Becoming One

US pop star Taylor Swift has announced a new deal with Ticketmaster that will ask fans to help promote her through social media and purchase music and merchandise in exchange for a better chance at securing tickets.

Titled ‘Taylor Swift Tix Powered By Ticketmaster Verified Fan’, the ticketing giant claims that it is designed to combat scalpers and bots ‘in a really fun way’. Basically you have to register your details and then ‘participate in boost activities’.


“Watch the latest music video, purchase the album (for the greatest boost), post photos and engage on social media. Check the Taylor Swift Tix portal for the newest boosts and activities you can do everyday,” reads a quote from Ticketmaster.


To be specific – watching Swift’s new video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ will earn you a small amount of ‘boosts’. “Your boosts are automatically applied for up to five views, per day. Watch every day and receive your boosts,” reads the statement.


You can also receive low level boosts by helping to promote Swift online by posting about her via social media. However, if you want to quickly earn a lot of these points, the singer wants you to buy her new album, Reputation, via some of the designated retailers - including both her own site and major chains like Target. Included in the system is a progress bar to show how many points you have accrued thus far, ultimately encouraging you to spend more money (you are able to purchase the album up to 13 times to further your position).


It should be pointed out that not matter how many ‘boosts’ you clock up the deal does not guarantee you will be able to secure concert tickets, only that it will better your chances. Watch the video below for more information.