Courtesy of Pro Music Australia

This was a huge giveaway with a massive amount of entries, and we’re proud to announce that Adam Farris will be the happy new owner of a Takamine Pro Series P1M Acoustic Guitar.

Having learnt electric guitar for the past 18 months, we hope that this guitar can help Adam realize his goal of learning acoustic. He says that an acoustic guitar would be perfect for him “because I can carry it with me when I travel the world and make people happy when I play”. Adam’s was just one of a huge number of great entries, making it especially tough to choose a winner. The versatility of this guitar will mean that he can pursue any style of playing, and the quality build means that it will be with him for a long time. This guitar giveaway is courtesy of Pro Music, and we would like to thank everyone who entered the competition. Congratulations Adam, this guitar will be a blast.


Takamine guitars are distributed by Pro Music Australia, for more information about them, or to find out where to get one for yourself head to www.promusicaustralia.com