Superbooth 2019: IK Multimedia transform the UNO synth into a drum machine

UNO Playing To The Beat

IK Multimedia have unveiled the UNO Drum, a hybrid analogue rhythm machine fusing the design of their UNO synth module with timeless percussion sounds.

The drum kicks off with six analogue drum sounds, 54 samples of PCM in toms, rims, cymbals and cowbells with up to 12 elements available at once with 11-voice polyphony. The kit starts you off with 100 predesigned drum kits to play with across 12 touch-sensitive pads and two velocity zones, allowing for individual control when programming and editing. 


Every sound can be edited through a four knob matrix, where the drum allows you to change the tracks Level, Tune, Snap and Decay as well as switch functions to control the sound's stutter, swing, division, humanise and velocity. On the music news front, Superbooth 2019 has seen the announcement of a bevy of new gear, with Novation's new Summit synth making waves as well.




To pre-order the UNO Drum, head to the IK Multimedia website, or visit Sound & Music for Australian distribution details.