This suitcase-sized guitar can fold up to fit in your overhead luggage

Most Travel-Friendly Guitar Ever?

There’s a lot of innovation in the world of music, but not a lot that can come close to the product that a Kickstarter campaign has recently gifted us with: the wonderfully unusual, ultra-portable Notekase acoustic travel guitar.

If you’ve ever struggled with luggage restrictions on aeroplanes when travelling to a gig with your guitar, this invention might just save you the hassle. Iain Maclean can relate to the financial and logistical pains of being a travelling musician, and has tackled the issue by introducing the Notekase: an acoustic guitar that can be deconstructed to fit into your carry-on suitcase.


The Kickstarter campaign description noted that the main budget airline musical instrument charge in Europe is a €60 fee or to book an additional seat. To avoid this, Maclean designed the Notekase, building the guitar as large as airline restrictions allow while still ensuring the instrument can fit in a regular suitcase.


The guitars are hand-built, and can be reconstructed with surprising speed. See for yourself in the demo video below:



For more information on Notekase, check out the Kickstarter campaign.