Feel the Bass like Never Before

SubPac is calling it the “most immersive audio experience available”. Their new M2 Wearable Tactile Audio System transfers the low frequencies of the music going through your headphones directly to your body – that means feeling the pounding thud of every kick drum and the warmth of every reverberation.


The improved design combines newly developed tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes, as well as a new shape and feel, for bass accuracy and sub bass monitoring. Whether at home, in the studio, jamming out or on the run, the rechargeable battery fits the bill, delivering six hours of use per charge. 


A new ergonomic shape ensures maximum comfort and the pack looks to wrap around the body like a fitted backpack or a thicker version of active wear. The materials are also nano silver treated to control bacteria and repel any odour from active use. And it all weighs in at a measly 2.3kg for ease of use.      


The tactile speaker technology also promotes good health, in a round about way. There’s no longer a need to pump up the volume of your headphones, to push them too hard and damage the speakers and your ears in the process. It provides intense bass and captures the vibrancy of soundscapes with a measured approach, the impact of which is balanced across your body. It’s also quiet to the outside world – they have thought of everything!


They are selling it as a club and live atmosphere experience, but we also see its potential for taking bass riffs and lines of all genres to a new, decidedly impactful level.




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