Propelling Themselves Into The Search For The Perfect Sound

A group of engineering students from The University of Queensland have created an acoustic guitar made entirely from helicopter carbon parts.

As a part of their final project, four undergraduates worked together to create a unique musical instrument from scratch. From the design process to manufacturing, the ultimate goal was to create the perfect acoustic sound.


Airbus Helicopters, located in Eagle Farm, was the company behind the donated parts used to complete the project which has never been attempted before.


With twelve layers of carbon fibre used to create the guitars shape, over one hundred and eighty hours of manufacturing just to get the mould perfected and an entire week with very little sleep, the group of revolutionaries definitely rose to the challenge.


Surprisingly, only one of the four students came from a musical background, meaning the team had to out source other musicians such as Mark Lowndes to test out the guitar’s sound and comfort. With great results and feedback, it’s clear that the hard work had paid off. 



A recording of the one of a kind guitar is available here. For more information, click here.