Steinberg launch new UR24C audio interface

It's Expected To Drop Soon

Steinberg have added another model to their killer new UR-C audio interface range with the UR24C, offering a great middle ground solution for the home DJ or electronic producer.

Featuring two XLR over TRS Neutrik combo inputs on the front and four outputs on the back - two TRS and two RCA - the UR24C looks like it'd be particuarly tantalising to DJs and electronic producers, with built-in MIDI I/O also being another perk. It boasts 32-bit/192kHz audio resolution, as well as DSP to let you monitor your mix and use effects without latency. 



There's even a headphone monitoring mode, which is more than certainly aimed at the DJ market, which splits the signal so the mono master and mono cue are on right and left sides of your headphones: perfecto. You're also able to enjoy a software bundle that consists of the dspMixFX mixer, Cubase AI, REV-x reverb, Channel Strip and Guitar Amp Classiccs. Sounds like it's everything you need to get started!


Steinberg are distributed in the Australian market via Yamaha Music Australia